You receive a text in the morning 'drinks tonight babe, no excuses'. You catch your reflection in the mirror and notice your skin is beyond lacklustre, is transparent a shade? 

What to do? You have a full day of meetings, so no chance of sneaking off for an express spray tan and hiding in your office. 

The office manager won't be jazzed if you go to town spraying instant bronze make-up on your body at 5PM in the employee rest rooms either. 

You look about your bathroom cupboard (note to self: must Mary Kondo this) and remember that night you dreamed of a Gold Coast holiday but your bank account suggested maybe just the colour instead. 

Gold Coast Glow. 

Gold Coast Glow is your clean, clear and cruelty free saviour. 

No streaks, no stains and no smell. Meaning you can spritz this baby on before work with no stress of being deemed a hazard or ruining your Saba shift dress. 

Gold Coast Glow is the tanning solution you didn't even realise you needed

100% vegan-friendly and cruelty free.

Medium self-tanning water with colour correcting ingredients to even skin tone.

Our medium green base promises a golden glow with no streaks, smell or orange stains on your skin or bed sheets.

Gold Coast Glow is designed to make you glow naturally, the way every babe should.

Plus, our tanning-water colour corrects to reduce redness and calm the skin - like make-up for your skin (you're welcome).

Containing natural tanning ingredients such as avocado and coconut oils - you will be left with brightened, hydrated and glowing skin. To learn more about our ingredients click here. 

Still wondering what the what tanning WATER is? Let us explain, click here. 

Gold Coast Glow Self-Tanning Water